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Natural Medicine


Many people think that wellness or good health simply means free from disease – however there is so much more to being truly well. Are you well if you are tired, moody or overweight? What if you suffer from headaches or congestion, have frequent colds, constipation or bloating? True wellness is a state of physical and mental wellbeing beyond the obvious symptoms of disease. 

Many diseases and poor health are caused or worsened by toxicity or stress. Often just by addressing the stress or toxicity, many health conditions may be resolved. After a consultation with Tracy, you will be on a path to better health.

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Mineral Therapy

Mineral therapy is based upon the belief that many health issues stem from mineral imbalances within the body. Stress, poor diet and modern agricultural practices all contribute to mineral imbalances which can result in poor health and disease. With the use of biologically available minerals specifically prescribed for each individual person, health can be restored. Mineral therapy is a very simple and cost effective way to regain better health.

A FREE online assessment provides a simple way to determine which minerals may help your body to maintain its mineral balance. A few days after completing this assessment your personal mineral prescription will be emailed to you with the option of purchasing the minerals needed.

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Detoxification and

Weight Loss

Many diseases and poor health are caused or worsened by toxicity and abnormal fat stores.

Detoxifying the body and losing excess weight a can significantly improve your health. 

Common conditions that can benefit from weight loss and/or detoxification include:

muscle aches and pains skin complaints 

reproductive disorders 

recurrent infections  

digestive problems

poor concentration  

sleep disorders 

mood swings 





Your body’s toxic load is influenced by the type and quantity of toxins you are exposed to and your body's ability to detoxify naturally. Everybody has different needs when it comes to detoxification and weight loss. During a consultation Tracy can design a detoxification and/or weight loss program specifically suited to you. 

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What to expect during a consultation

During a consultation with Tracy, a holistic approach is taken to health care by looking at you as a whole person rather than just your symptoms. Assessment of diet and lifestyle are evaluated along with the condition. Iridology, facial diagnosis, Quantum Reflex Analysis and/or hair testing (for allergies or toxins) may be used to help with the diagnosis. Nutritional supplements and herbal medicine are usually recommended as part of your treatment. The main focus is always on promoting better health, thus eliminating disease from the body. For your first consultation, allow up to one hour. Tracy will gather information from you during this consultation. Then after researching your case she writes up a treatment plan and emails it to you. You may be given some natural remedies at the time of your appointment or remedies may be sent to you a few days later. A follow-up consultation is recommended one or two weeks later and takes about 30 minutes. 

For children or for acute illnesses such as colds, flu and infections, often a shorter 30 minute consultation is all that is needed.

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