Workshops and Programs

Meditation by the Sea

Stress Less Program

Many diseases and health problems are often stress-related. Stress also ages us faster, internally and externally. During this six week program you will be prescribed remedies specific to your needs to help you feel calmer, more relaxed and strengthen your nervous system. At the end of the six weeks you will be feeling a lot more resilient and able to cope with stress better. Some of the remedies can be continued for ongoing maintenance. 

The 6 week Stress Less Program consists of:

a naturopathic consultation and two follow up appointments, herbal and nutritional supplements specific to your needs, and dietary and lifestyle suggestions.

Total Body Reset Program

A 'Total Body Reset' is a four week program consisting of dietary suggestions and nutritional shakes to assist your body's natural detoxification and regeneration. During the four weeks, your body will become less inflamed, digestion will improve and your energy will increase. The program is designed to set you on the right path toward better ongoing health and wellbeing.

The 4 week program includes your initial consultation, one follow up consultation, Medi-Restore nutritional shakes, recipes and suggestions of other health promoting practices.

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Aromatherapy Workshop

This is a relaxed 90 minute workshop to discover a few essential oils and how to use them safely and effectively. Essential oils are powerful plant extracts that can bring profound changes. With a little bit of knowledge, you’ll leave feeling empowered to enhance your own health care and well-being.

World Organic Skin Care Workshop

Gather a few friends together and discover a beautiful range of organic skincare and makeup. World Organic products have been developed by a NZ naturopath.

All are vegan, cruelty free, organic and 100% natural. 

Discover the benefits of choosing natural organic skin care and learn how to avoid toxic chemicals that sneak into most skin care and makeup products.

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